| Tuesday May 24th 2016

Wine 1.0 is now available

linux wine screenshot

Wine has had its first non-beta stable release ever today. By complete coincidence today is the same day Firefox 3 came out.

So, what’s in Wine 1.0?

The main advantage is that 1.0 is supposed to be regression proof. Anything that worked at some point in Wine’s history should work in 1.0.

There were also a few applications specifically targeted for the release – Photoshop CS2, word 2003 viewer. These are believed to be working perfectly. Also working perfectly are thousands of applications listed in the AppDB, and every single program in Wine’s (incomplete) conformance test suite.

I’m sorry I can’t be more specific with features, but in a strange way Wine doesn’t really have many new features – just a whole bunch of bugs to fix so applications work. 1.0 brings us closer to that goal.

What’s next for Wine?

1.0 is likely to be the version of Wine that I put into Ubuntu 8.10. I’m working on some serious user interface enhancements, but honestly I don’t have a real job at this point and it’s a bit hard to find time for Wine. I’ve considered asking the community for sponsorship, but we don’t have any sort of Wine Foundation like Mozilla or Apache does, and I don’t work for Codeweavers or Google.

Upstream, no new stable release is planned yet. I’d prefer a time-based release process similar to Ubuntu (an idea floated by the Wine release manager, also an Ubuntu user), but we don’t have much of a say in these matters. If I want a newer but stabilized release for a future version of Ubuntu, I’ll likely have to do it myself.

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