| Saturday May 28th 2016

Facebook to kill IE6 support for Chat on IE9 beta day

FacebookI am torn between my hate of IE6 as a web developer and my hate for Facebook as a human.

Facebook has announced that it will soon end Internet Explorer 6 support for Facebook Chat. The kill date is September 15—the same day Microsoft plans to release the first IE9 beta. Today’s announcement comes just a week after Microsoft launched a beta version of Windows Live Messenger that integrates with Facebook Chat.

Facebook explains its decision by saying that many users have complained about unstable chat sessions, or ones that stop completely. In order to improve the way connections are established and messages are sent, however, the social networking giant must make changes that aren’t supported by older browsers.

Microsoft plans to support IE6 along with Windows XP until April 2014; the software giant insists that “dropping support for IE6 is not an option.” Instead, the company has resorted to marketing and promoting IE8 while criticizing IE6.


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