| Saturday May 28th 2016

Decide Which Search Engine You Really Prefer with Bing-Google Mashups

Unable to choose between Google and Bing? That’s ok; these three mashups display results from both search engines in handy side-by-side frames and make life simpler for the indecisive.

biiingleBack in July when users were asked to share their search engine of choice, 85% of them were strongly in the Google camp, but Bing had already managed to garner an impressive 11% of the vote. If other online trackers are correct, Bing’s share has continued to slowly and steadily grow.

If you want to spend some time figuring out which engine you really prefer, one of these mashups is a good place to start. The premise of these sites is simple. Two search engines, one search box, results side-by-side:

bing vs google searchy

They all look and act just about the same—basic frames with a search box at the top—but you’ve still got at least three options for Google and Bing mashups:

Bing & Google | Bingle | Bing vs. Google

Bing vs Google has synchronized scrolling, making it my top pick, but which search engine mashup is your favorite? Or are you securely locked in to your favorite search engine?

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