| Friday May 27th 2016

AMD switching to easy peel-off laptop stickers

Here’s the scenario many of you will have experienced when buying a new laptop. You research the machine, see loads of promotional videos and images, and finally decide on that sexy model from company X. It arrives in the post, you unwrap it and open the lid. Your smile disappears as the inner case is plastered with a bunch of bright stickers advertising what your laptop has inside.

laptop stickersLaptop stickers are an eye sore and really rather pointless to the end user. Are we really going to forget there’s an Intel processor inside, or that it’s running Windows 7? These same stickers that offend the eyes don’t feel great under your wrist as you type, and they can be a real pain to remove without damaging the case or leaving a sticky mess behind.

The reason they are added to laptops is because companies pay for them to be there, much like they pay for their software to be preloaded on the hard drive. So no manufacturer wanting to squeeze more profit out of every unit sold is going to reject a well-paying sticker (unless you’re Apple of course).

There is some good news, however. AMD hates those stickers as much as we do, and is taking action. From 2011 AMD stickers will become optional for manufacturers using AMD tech in their products. Even if the manufacturer decides to apply them AMD is going to make them easy peel-off.


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