| Tuesday May 24th 2016

The Flip is dead

Flip camAs has been widely reported, in a cost-cutting move Cisco has determined to set its Flip pocket-camcorder division adrift. No, correct that, much as it pains me to say so, “set adrift” implies that there’s some possibility that—despite low rations, little water, and floating some 2,000 miles from the nearest land mass—a Divine Presence may rescue the Flip line of camcorders from its watery fate and lay it, ever so gently, in more nurturing hands.

I was so enthralled with the Flip that I proposed writing a book about the thing. For those of you who haven’t pitched a book before, allow me to offer this insightful tidbit: Publishers are a practical bunch. If some reasonable profit from your sweat and toil isn’t in the cards, you can expect a reply that begins “Thank you for your interest, however….” And despite my enthusiasm for the device (and this class of products) that’s exactly the response I expected from my publisher. I mean honestly, who needs a book about a device that’s almost entirely operated with the press of a single Big Red Button?


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