| Sunday May 29th 2016

Vector Magic No Longer Free

vectormagiclogo_270x51.jpgWe’re kinda late on reporting this but, this for those of us who are artistically challenged need all the help we can get when it comes to design software. A vector tracing tool called Vector Magic (the result of Stanford University Artificial Intelligence Laboratory research project by James Diebel and Jacob Norda) was a valuable addition to the arsenal of free webapps available for creating and editing images online. I say was because the creators of Vector Magic have decided to create a “for profit” site and charge for the line-tracing service. Ugh. Well, it was good while it lasted.

Though I am glad to see the creators making a buck from their hard work, I would still like to create my non-profit vectors on the cheap.

Did anyone save the original .swf file or does anyone know of a free, just-as-good alternative? Please let us know in the comments.

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