| Tuesday May 24th 2016

Why Aren’t You Watching Al Jazeera?

Al Jazeera logo

Al Jazeera news people are getting killed to bring us the story, and then their company is getting censored in America — a double tragedy.

If you care about anything more on the news than celebrity trivia join me in saying: Thank God For Al Jazeera!

And while we’re at it why the are Comcast and other cable companies keeping the best TV news media company in the world today — with the possible exception of the BBC — out of America? (I’m talking about Al Jazeera in their English language coverage. I’m not an Arabic speaker so can’t judge their Arabic coverage.)

What is the cable companies’ problem… insane Republican xenophobes who want to keep “Arabs” out … the “Israel Lobby”… what?

Al Jazeera is the one and only source to watch in order to understand the biggest unfolding news story since the collapse of the USSR. What is happening in the Arab world isn’t just a big story for the Middle East. This is our future too.

And Al Jazeera pays the price as noted on their website.


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