| Thursday May 26th 2016

Breaking news: Hot pole-vaulter girl Allison Stokke is fat

Before college:

Allison Stokke the pole-vaulting girl
Allison Stokke

New photos (after the “freshman 15“) below…

Allison Stokke is fatAllison Stokke is fatAllison Stokke is fat

Homer disappointed

Note: Her “fat” is still thinner than 95% of the girls her age walking around in the USA.

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6 Responses to “Breaking news: Hot pole-vaulter girl Allison Stokke is fat”

  1. Sam says:

    See. The internet causes kids to get fat.

  2. blah says:

    There you have it, Pole vaulting only leads to a spiraling hell of obesity…

  3. Albert Fischer says:

    I’m not a chubby chaser but she looks better like this. Women need not have abs. Allison “fat” version = 100% my type. Maybe I should move to California. Do you have more of those?

  4. Baba Muna says:

    Happy to report she’s back to her fighting weight. Pix of her in a meet in March 2011 show her in heartbreaking shape:


  5. sourabh says:

    I love you Allison

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