| Monday May 30th 2016

Amateur model known as “Katya” revealed as Russian honeytrap bait

Ekaterina GerasimovaIn Soviet Russia, hot models discredit you! Before anyone asks, her modeling profile, with pics, can be found here.

Ekaterina Gerasimova has piercing blue eyes, an innocent girl-next-door face, and likes to do a little amateur modelling.

But if her “victims” are to be believed, she is the Kremlin’s most effective secret agent and a latter-day Mata Hari.

Her mission, it is claimed, is to discredit prominent Kremlin critics by luring them into compromising situations using vintage KGB honey trap techniques.

Offering her own body, sex, and drugs from cocaine to marijuana as an inducement, “Katya” as she is usually known has tried and often succeeded in bedding at least half a dozen high-profile Kremlin critics.

The reputational damage she has inflicted has varied from serious to negligible depending on her victim’s marital status and response.

Her latest victim was Viktor Shenderovich, a journalist and the script writer on Russia’s now defunct version of the Spitting Image TV satire.

Mr Shenderovich, who is married and has a daughter, admits that he slept with Ms Gerasimova but claims he was set up by the Kremlin.


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