| Friday March 27th 2015


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Rob Cockerham writes article critical of Cash4Gold then gets offered cash to kill story

An amazing story from amateur sociologist Rob Cockerham of Cockeyed.com. In short, Rob wrote a funny article about the questionable practices of Cash4Gold, cash4golda company that offers money for gold jewelry and coins you send them.

Rob’s article was picked up by the The Consumerist, and his article shot to the top of Google for searches on Cash4Gold. In about a week, Rob got the following email:

I work on the Cash4Gold site. We are trying to clean up their first page of results in Google. Your article: http://www.cockeyed.com/citizen/goldkit/cheat.shtml is ranking very well for term “Cash4Gold”. The site looks like you may do well from Adsense.Is there a financial arrangement we can come to that will offset your Adsense income and make it worth your while to take down or at least “de-optimize” it for that phrase? I would be happy to speak more about this on the phone…

Joe Laratro
Tandem Interactive – Trendy Online Marketing Solutions
Hollywood, FL 33020

Rob ignored him, and in a couple of weeks Mr. Larato sent him a follow up email:

Rob,I work with Cash4Gold on the reputation management. Your article is ranking #3 on their brand term. They would really like to make it worth your while to take it down or make it more positive. They did something similar by joining (OTHER CONSUMER AFFAIRS WEBSITE)’s advocacy program. Is it worth a few thousand to take it down? If not, maybe a donation to your favorite charity is more to your liking?

Feel free to call me anytime to discuss further.

Joe Laratro
Tandem Interactive – Trendy Online Marketing Solutions
Hollywood, FL 33020

Rob didn’t take the “few thousand” and his story is still at the top of Google. Ohh and the other site it most definitely Ripoff Report. Search for “cash4gold” and check out the glowing ‘update’ at the top of the page, then read the titles of the all 15 search results. http://www.ripoffreport.com/searchresults.asp?q5=cash4gold

My own plug:

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