| Thursday May 26th 2016

Baby Found Alone in Car Outside Strip Club

Guy leaves infant in car while he goes into strip club. Happens all the rime right? Bonus: car is unlocked and keys are inside… Double Bonus: His wife is inside working the pole… Triple Bonus: he was getting a lap dance from another girl.

Geoffrey Allen HaleA Myrtle Beach man was arrested after his baby was found inside a car in the parking lot of a local gentleman’s club, according to a police report.

Geoffrey Allen Hale, 27, of 126 Whitehaven Circle, was charged with unlawful conduct toward a child after police were called at 11:40 p.m. Wednesday to Derriere’s Gentleman’s Club at 804 Seaboard St., the report showed.

Someone reported an infant buckled into a car seat in the back seat of a car that was unlocked with the keys inside, the report showed. Using information from the license plate, police learned the car belonged to Hale and went inside the club looking for him.

In his report, the officer noted a man was sitting at a table, smoking a cigarette and getting a lap dance when he entered the club. After asking several patrons their names, the officer went to the man and learned he was Hale, the report showed.

Hale told police his wife was on stage dancing and that he was only there to get a cell phone from her, the report showed. Hale said his baby was sleeping in the car and he did not want to wake her to take her inside the club.

The baby’s 28-year-old mom came outside and took custody of her when Hale was arrested, the report showed.


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