| Sunday May 29th 2016

The “Barefoot Bandit” strikes again

This dude is literally “trolling” the world.Colton Harris-Moore

A Seattle teenage fugitive who evaded capture for two years was being hunted by both the U.S. authorities and Bahamian police today after allegedly crash-landing a stolen plane on the Abaco Islands.

Colton Harris-Moore, from Puget Sound, north of Seattle, was dubbed the “barefoot bandit” last autumn after police found footprints in an Idaho airport hangar from which an aircraft was stolen. The 19-year-old walked away unhurt after crash-landing 420 kilometers away.

Harris-Moore’s latest alleged escapade was sure to propel his cult-hero status – he has 70,000 Facebook fans, a book being written about him was already optioned by a big Hollywood studio and a website is gathering donations for a legal defense fund.

An FBI Special Agent, Steven Dean, said in Seattle: :He’s gone from being a regional nuisance to a national nuisance to, if this is him again, an international criminal. It is irresponsible and sad that people are creating a hero out of a criminal.”


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