| Thursday May 26th 2016

Become a virtual Texas Deputy

blueservo.com stake outI think what we’re missing here is a proper scoring system…

  • 5 gold for a confirmed event
  • 10 gold for an arrest
  • 100 gold for a conviction
  • 10000 gold for bigfoot
  • The Texas Border Sheriff’s Coalition has joined BlueServo in a public-private partnership to deploy the Virtual Community Watch, an innovative real-time surveillance program designed to empower the public to proactively participate in fighting border crime. The TBSC BlueServo Virtual Community Watch is a network of cameras and sensors along the Texas-Mexico border that feeds live streaming video to www.BlueServo.net. Users will log in to the BlueServo website and directly monitor suspicious criminal activity along the border via this virtual fence.

    This is actually really smart.. I’ll do one for my business in the bad neighborhood…. Free online security FTW!

    Virtual Stake Outs – Live Border Cameras

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    1. clark watson says:

      id like to become a virtual texas deputy

    2. joseph kowal says:

      i would like to become a texas virtual deputy.

    3. Mike B. says:

      I’m Unwell of Obama announcing that The US is not a Christian region

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