| Tuesday March 31st 2015


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Creepy intern at work… hilarity ensues (pics and vid)

This happened to a friend of mine yesterday. The forum he posted this on is “members only” so here it is. Absolutely hilarious…

–scroll to bottom for cliffs–

“First off, I never thought I would be the one telling one of these stories so if you dont think this could happen to you, think again.

I work as an IT Tech for a local city government. A couple weeks ago, we got a new intern for our department. At first glance, I just assumed he was the typical fat, nerdy type who lacked all social skills but could tear it up on the keyboard. Very shy, won’t look you in the eye when you talk to him… that type. So, we stuck him in a back cubicle with our GIS guys (they do the maps for the city).”

“We noticed that he likes to eat stuff like frozen meatloaf dinners for breakfast (followed by honey buns and mt dew) so he got the inside nickname of “meatloaf”. This dude would be sweating at 9am just from sitting there. Well, after a week or so, one of the guys in GIS commented to us that he was always coughing, hacking, grunting and all types of shit from his cubicle. We happened to have a network security camera lying around, so we decided to put it to good use and keep him from knowing it was there.

So we started monitoring him on the camera and using DameWare so we can view his desktop and see just what the hell he does all day since he has no actual work to do at the moment. Aside from the grunts and noises which came as expected, we noticed some interesting sites/chats going on. I will let the screenshots speak for themselves–

Note, his name is Melkorios in case you didn’t figure it out from the screenshot.

So at this point, we’re like, “WTF is up with this dude?” Not to mention he was always looking up “Expanding breasts” and “Man turning into woman”.

Oh and here’s a couple pics of our monitoring setup–

We got surveillance video on the left, dameware in the middle and video games on the right (busy at work, I know).

(note the meatloaf dinner box)

So after last Thursday and Friday things started to get a little boring. By this time we knew he was a strange dude and nothing good was happening on camera.

Fast forward to today– I am at lunch with my family and I get a call on my nextel from my buddy at work. He says to me “Dude, my eyes are burning out of my head right now!” So I say “Ok…” He responds back with, “Meatloaf is fucking jacking off right now and I got that shit on camera and recording!” Keep in mind now, he was doing this with other people in the room with him at the time. I rush back to work, watch the vid and sure as shit, he’s going to town on himself. Now at this point, we’re laughing our asses off and at the same time grossed out knowing he is touching his dick and then touching the keyboards, mice, microwave, minifridge, etc. So we bring our boss in on it and let him know what’s going on. Since Meatloaf had already left for the day and our boss is going on vacation tomorrow, he printed out an email (which he BCC’d our whole dept on). In it he basically stated that his internship was over immediately and that he hopes he can use his “hands on” experience in the future. And yes, the ‘hands on’ was in quotes in the email. So later today, we got to thinking– This gross fucker just subjected us to his semen, well now we’re going to subject him to the internet. Yep, we posted that shit on break.com, 4chan, and now its going on supraforums.

Click for vid.

Before anyone says anything– He signed an agreement to all types of monitoring because he is in a secure location and not subjected to the webfilter.

CLIFF NOTES: New intern gets caught jacking off on camera at work.

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  1. Mitchel Boggiano says:

    Intriguing blog post. I know I’m a little late in posting my comment but the article was to the point and just the information I was looking for. I can’t say that I agree with all the points you made but it was emphatically enlightening! I’m a returning visitor to your blog and will return again soon.

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