| Saturday May 28th 2016

Finally, a short but informative video explaining the Deepwater Horizon oil spill

This is what I don’t get… Apparently there’s a valve built into the line to cut off the flow of oil in situations like this, but it’s like nobody has the equipment to turn off that valve. They’re sending robots down there as if this were a dry run for a manned Mars landing, experimenting with different possible ways to turn off the valve. Don’t you know how to turn off the valve? Don’t you have the equipment to turn off the valve? Isn’t that why you put the valve there?

Or did they just put a big freaking valve in the thing to meet some regulation, and they figured if something ever did go wrong they’d figure out how to turn off the valve then.

“I don’t know, we’ll use robots or something. Whatever. It meets regulatory requirements, that’s all that matters.”

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