| Tuesday May 31st 2016

For those disappointed with the sound quality of Metallica’s Death Magnetic album

I’m sure many of you (at least, those of you who are interested at all) have heard the new album by now, and a lot have not been happy with the sound quality…specifically the way the mix has been amped up increase the loudness at lower volume levels, at the expense of loss of dynamic range, going so far as to cause distortion and clipping.

Well, it’s come to light that the version of the album used for the Guitar Hero III game was, for some reason, not compressed like the retail album.

A comparison of the wave forms between songs on both versions of the album pretty much makes the difference very obvious…(Top one is from the game, the bottom is from the retail CD).

Metallica WAV files

Well, the version from the game has obviously been ripped and floated around the web. I’ve heard both versions, and can confirm that there’s definitely a difference in sound quality (and I didn’t even realize how bad the retail CD sounded until I heard the tracks from GHIII).

I know several people have said that the shitty sound quality have pretty much prevented them from enjoying the album which they otherwise might have liked. I would highly recommend checking out the GHIII version, as the difference is pretty dramatic.

Download: http://www.megaupload.com/?d=GIWYC63B

Rar password: killemall

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7 Responses to “For those disappointed with the sound quality of Metallica’s Death Magnetic album”

  1. kovaks says:

    “Death Magnetic is a fantastic effort from Metallica, however many of us are disappointed by the poor audio quality present on the album. Having heard samples from Guitar Hero 3, it is clear that something can be done to redeem this album. The album sounds 100x better on a video game than it does on CD or vinyl!

    Please sign this petition so that we can hopefully either get it remastered, or re-mixed, depending on where the problems occurred at some point, or to ensure that the next Metallica album does not suffer from the same issues, or get caught up in the loudness war that is ruining modern music.”


  2. password says:

    The password isn’t correct – can you give the correct one?

  3. password says:

    Thank you very much!!!! Working now!

  4. PhazonAbuser says:

    Why does the megaupload link go to a file named “monthly sales projections”?

  5. Pet Rock says:

    Very cool, the way it shouldve been released the first go around. I downloaded a copy first to see if I would like it then bought it thinking i just got a bad download. lol The CD sounded the exact same way like it was pre-amped way too much. Not sure how to explain it really but i was thinking of using cool edit or adobe to redo the volume and redo the cd and then found this link. Thanks alot!

  6. Cr*ncx says:

    Maybe for….. security

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