| Sunday May 29th 2016

Do you have a Kindle yet?

I ordered my Kindle DX in January, and would highly recommend it, if you are only looking to read books

Kindle DXIt does this one thing very, very well, and I find that trait more worthy of my money than something like the iPad that does several things, but all of them, in my experience, half-assed. I didn’t buy my Kindle to browse the web (although the “browser” is nifty for Wikipedia), I didn’t buy it to play music (though it supports mp3s), and I didn’t buy it to be a quick reference resource.

I bought it to read books, and it does this very well. I should also note that if you enjoy comics/manga or that sort of thing, there is a free application, Mangle that can be used to make your comics readable on the Kindle like any other book.

I can tell if someone actually has an e-reader based on their comments. After anyone sees the e-ink, they’ll swear by it. Anyone who hasn’t seen the e-ink isn’t able to imagine how far superior it is. If anyone compares an e-reader’s cost vs features to an iPad, or talks about the color displays blah blah, then you can reliably guess they don’t actually have a Kindle.

Not exaggerating, once they’ve tried both, I have never seen anyone prefer the iPad over the Kindle when it comes to reading.

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