| Tuesday May 24th 2016

JVC MiniNote XP5230GB next to a Asus eeePC 4G

Asus use to make a laptop called the s200, also known as the JVC MiniNote or Victor Interlink, which came with a 8.9 inch screen at 1024×600 resolution. Placing a JVC Mininote xp5230 side by side with an Asus eeePC: They’re practically the same size, and it was very surprising that Asus didn’t go with the 8.9″ screen originally, but I guess it all comes down to cost.

The main things I prefer on the JVC:

  • of course the 8.9inch screen at 1024×600 resolution,
  • the keyboard is a tiny bit bigger, which makes a hell of a difference when trying to touch type.
  • I much prefer a trackpoint to a touchpad.

Things I don’t like about the JVC:

  • it gets stupidly hot, to the point you can’t have it on your lap.
  • this model has a lack of builtin WiFi, some of the higher models do have it though.
  • the VGA out needs a breakout cable.
  • this model takes stupidly small 144pin MicroDimms, that only allow memory expansion to 384MB.

but overall they’re very similar machines.


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Credit goes to QuangDX @ eeeuser.com

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