| Tuesday May 24th 2016

Facebook Advertising Coupons

After hearing about so many Facebook Advertising coupons out there I decided to make a master list with all of the ones I could find.

Facebook Marketing Screenshot

Coupon Code ($50): T5V6-1JKV-TNH9-2MRH
Coupon Code ($50): 2JXY-WTFK-72Y0-VJ6Y
Coupon Code ($50): R1X5-0NH7-5FXW-5YEC
Coupon Code ($100): For the this one you have to sign up for the Visa Business Network Facebook App

To use them… just go into your Facebook Account and then Billing, and then Funding Sources. Then Enter Coupon Code.

Have more coupons to share? Post them below…

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16 Responses to “Facebook Advertising Coupons”

  1. […] that work at FaceBook. I forgot to post about this a while back, and there was no reason because other people did, but I have a neat trick to […]

  2. Thanks for sharing with us. I will definitely try it. I hope it still works.

  3. Max says:

    Here’s a list of tested, working coupons as of Jan 8,2008. It seems like all the $25 coupons only work when the Ad application has just been added. As always, YMMV.

    Here are six Facebook ad coupons that worked for me as of Jan 8, 2009.

    * $100 – Visa Business Application – Everyone knows about this, but I’ll put it on here because it still works for new accounts.
    * $25 – 053K-H148-T1PE-98NC – expires 4/01/2009
    * $25 – EXEX-4P47-38JX-4W20 – expires 1/30/2009
    * $25 – 1652-YMF5-23XX-CM66 – expires 1/30/2009
    * $25 – EVCT-54YH-K1V8-EKE1 – expires 1/30/2009
    * $25 – 8CH1-5VW1-Y96N-2P94 – expires 1/30/2009
    * $25 – XXWW-7JVC-3FH6-R61T – expires 1/30/2009

    These were all tested and worked with a new account. Credit to retailmenot.com.

  4. Carol says:

    This was great! Just created this account and have 275 in credit from codes.

  5. facebook code expires 4/01/09 does not work

  6. Great – I got one to work
    EXEX-4P47-38JX-4W20 – expires 1/30/2009
    The rest are used or expired.. Will be checking in soon for more discounts….Thank you

  7. Just an update – as of 6/29/09 – no current coupons available?!?!

    Any updates, please post!

  8. fiazio says:

    Anything working now, currenly I’ve tried out the visa business promo but the terms say it is valid on ads running in the U.S only ?

  9. catty says:

    do you have another working coupon left?

  10. Anil says:

    Hey Guys,
    I could not add the Visa business promo into my facebook apps. Any help please.

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