| Friday May 27th 2016

Police punch pitch invader during game, fans retaliate and maul the cops

Pitch invasion is part and parcel of football and has been for years. In the UK its often someone naked who runs on. Normally the police just cuff the guy and walk him off and everyone laughs and no one is hurt. Instead these “police” started punching the guy in the face when he was pinned down in front of 60,000 odd pumped up fans. Not a good idea.

The police need to remember they serve us. If they abuse the position we have given them then it’s only right that we beat them down to size and remind them who their masters are.

Rule #1 of police brutality: Don’t do it in front of thousands of volatile soccer fans.

Note: This rule don’t apply in USA. If that would have happened in US, people would not react.

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