| Wednesday June 1st 2016

Greatest Legal Filing Ever? Mark Cuban Files Photo Of Mavs Championship In Response To Charges He Mismanaged The Team

Mark Cuban lawsuit

In what may be one of the best legal filings I’ve ever seen, it appears that Dallas Mavericks owner Mark Cuban couldn’t resist filing a somewhat snarky motion for summary judgment in a case brought against him last year by (5% owner) Ross Perot Jr., claiming that Cuban had mismanaged the basketball team, and that it had caused the club to “lose substantial investment value.” Obviously, if you pay attention at all to the NBA, you would know that the Mavericks recently beat the Miami Heat to win the Championship. The filing makes sure that’s clear, by always referring to the team as “the World Champion Dallas Mavericks.” The key page of the filing is page two. I’ve got the whole thing embedded after the jump, but the key part is above.

When asked about the use of “the World Champion Dallas Mavericks” eight times in the four page filing, Cuban’s lawyer explained: “We put that in there eight times because nine was too many, and seven wasn’t enough.” This case seems like a slam dunk.

cuban perot

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