| Sunday May 29th 2016

Guy Ritchie’s £6million London mansion invaded by squatters… who plan to set up a new school

A £6million London mansion belonging to Guy Ritchie has been taken over by squatters.

Kerri Hayes squattingThe dozen or so invaders have moved into the Lock Stock And Two Smoking Barrels director’s Grade-I listed property.

Last night they were calling for reinforcement via Twitter, as news of the occupation spread over the internet.

The squatter gang claimed they were running a temporary school, offering other squatters classes in tarot, house occupation and using public transport for free.

The Really Free SchoolThe gang, who call themselves The Really Free School, had been occupying a nearby address until Sunday.

They then invaded Mr Ritchie’s property – in Fitzrovia, near London’s West End – which he has never lived in but has recently had renovated.

Police were called and the squatters refused to leave. A note posted in the window said: ‘Legal warning. Take Notice..that we live in this house, it is our home and we intend to stay here.’

Ritchie, formerly married to Madonna, bought the mansion in May last year, along with the adjoining property.

Ritchie had hoped to convert the two homes into one mansion for him and his girlfriend Jacqui Ainsley to live in.

Part-time model Miss Ainsley, 29, recently moved in to Mr Ritchie’s apartment in nearby Marylebone.

Building work was completed only last Friday and the star, who owns the nearby Punch Bowl tavern, is unlikely to give his new tenants a warm welcome.

Squatters last night refused to say how long the occupation would last. One bearded gang member in his 30s said: ‘We have a no-media policy. Read our website.’

But a post on social networking site Twitter called for more support. It said: ‘We need occupiers for tonight! Come sleepover in the most rah property in London!’

A neighbour, who did not want to be named, described the situation as ‘frustrating’.

He said: ‘They’ve put it on their Twitter feed so we’re bound to get all sorts. I’ve seen them coming and going. I haven’t heard a peep out of them – so far.

‘But they have no right to be there. The police have been called and came down.

‘I assume – I hope – they are  doing everything they can to get them out.’

A police spokesman said officers had been called to the property on Sunday. He added: ‘Police attended the scene at 2.45pm. But there was nothing there for the police to take action over.’


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