| Tuesday May 24th 2016

Hear Deadmau5 sing on a new track

He’s had a stab at making dubstep, and of course did his best with a cameo on Gossip Girl, but now Canadian trouble maker Deadmau5 is stepping forth into some undiscovered terrain, showing off his singing chops and adding his own vocals to a new song.

Deadmau5 NINPremiered on the mau5-man’s SoundCloud page overnight, Deadmau5 has given fans the first taste of a new tune dubbed Sleeping Beauty Pills, featuring the man himself singing the plaintive, broody lyrics.

You can hit up a stream of the track over at the Deadmau5 SoundCloud, where Deadmau5 prefaces things by announcing that “This is nowheres [sic] near a finished thing, just experimenting….had to get this out of my head….feeling much better now”.

Despite that disclaimer, fan reactions have been mixed about the tune, which veers off from Deadmau5’s tried-and-tested no holds barred electro house and off into a land of distorted guitars and downtempo beats. As fans have surmised, it kinda sounds like Trent Reznor’s Nine Inch Nails covering the 90210 theme tune. So we’re not sure how well that bodes for Deadmau5’s new singing bent.

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