| Thursday May 26th 2016

Losing Faith


Snagged this off a forum I frequently browse…

[Originally Posted by porksoda]

So let me start by saying I work at Sears and here are a few of the geniuses we have that bring their car in here.

Also I work in the store not in the automotive section. I like to work on cars but only on my own time, not as a full time job. But I am good friends with the guys there and since they are car guys they call me when this stuff happens. I apologize for the camera phone pics but that all i have on me at work.

This idiot brought in his car today and said “My brakes are squeeking”. Well gee theres your problem!



and here are a couple other pics of another guys rotors. Notice one side of the rotor almost completely gone!



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  1. Andy J. says:

    Here’s another:

  2. Benji says:

    Something makes me think that’s not possible. Funny nonetheless.

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