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MLK Mugshot

MLK mugshotNice story from This American Life…

Girl: Dad, what’s Christmas?

Dad: That’s when we celebrate the birth of Jesus.

Girl: Who’s that?

The father was not particularly religious, so they went out and bought a children’s Bible and read stories about the early life of Jesus. The girl loved the stories. She was particularly impressed with Jesus’ message of doing unto others as you would have others do unto you. A couple of weeks went by and the girl and her father drove past a church. In front was a giant crucifix.

Girl: Who’s that?

The father winced a little and realized he never finished the story about Jesus. He told his daughter that Jesus’ message of love was so frightening and intimidating to those in power that they felt threatened and they killed him. She thought about that.

A couple more weeks went by and the girl was on holiday from school, because it was Martin Luther King, Jr. Day. The father and the girl went out for breakfast and there was a picture of Dr. King on a placemat.

Girl: Who’s that?

Dad: That’s Martin Luther King, Jr. He’s the reason why you have off school today. We’re celebrating his birthday.

Girl: What did he do?

Dad: He was a preacher.

Girl: (Excitedly) For Jesus?

Dad: Yes, for Jesus.

Girl: What was his message?

Dad: He told everyone that they should be kind to one another no matter what the other person looked like.

Girl: That’s like Jesus’ message.

Dad: Yeah, I suppose it is.

The girl thinks for a moment.

Girl: Did they kill him too?

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