| Tuesday May 31st 2016

New Mortal Kombat movie trailer

For anyone that did not watch Mortal Kombat Annihilation, it was the worst time to spend 90 minutes. That is the reason for a revamp of the Mortal Kombat movie franchise. Mortal Kombat: The new Sub-ZeroA release date is set for 2013, and is to be a darker theme version of the first Mortal Kombat. A couple of names being thrown out there are “Mortal Kombat: Devastation” and just “Mortal Kombat.”

If anyone did not see the first one it was basically based on Liu Kang avenging his brothers death by the hands of Shang Tsung. Add some lack luster story lines behind Cage and Sonya Blade and that is basically Mortal Kombat 1. Christoper Morrison aka Mink is set to direct the piece and Sean Derek is on tap to write the screenplay. For those that do not know mink he is best known for directing the heavily criticized and very poor (in my opinion) “Into The Sun” with Steven Segal. But everyone deserves a second chance and if he does direct this let’s hope he leaves the 58-year-old Segal out of it.

Interestingly, Warner picked up a bundle of old Midway assets last year… could Mortal Kombat be one of them?

But the big question is: Is anyone (besides myself) still interested enough in the series to watch a movie of it?

The new Sub-Zero

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