| Tuesday May 24th 2016

No Cell Phones?

First of all, does anyone even remember the band W.A.S.P.? If I remember correctly they were a band from the early 80’s. Heavy metal always shadowed by the likes of Motley Crew, Twisted Sister, Scorpions, etc..

Second, can you believe that ANYONE would attend one of their shows today? Maybe I am being a little bit harsh here, but I honestly couldn’t name a single hit that this band has, let alone even name or hum one of their songs.

And to top it all of they have now released an official statement saying that ALL cameras, even mobile phones will be confiscated from people as then enter their shows.

Dear fans, please DO NOT bring any cameras into the shows this fall as it is strictly prohibited to take pictures or recordings of the performance of W.A.S.P.! Security personnel at every venue will confiscate any cameras (including digital cameras and mobile phones with ability to record) from you before entering the venues.

Is this band crazy? What real harm could be done to them from a photo or small recording taken on a cell phone? Is this a joke? I am assuming it is serious since it was posted on their official website (this band actually has a website?). My take is they should encourage all 4 of their fans to record as much as possible and get it on uTube or anywhere that will accept the clip and help the band out, but I could be wrong.


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