| Monday May 30th 2016

NYC East River Bridge Toll Plan Gaining Speed

How the hell is the MTA always broke? Seriously… and where are they gonna setup toll booths on the Queensboro Bridge? Ugh… Can’t wait to see this.

With lawmakers looking to find some way to bail out the Metropolitan Transportation Authority, CBS 2 HD has learned a compromise plan to put tolls on the East River bridges is making headway in Albany.

Brooklyn Bridge tollsLawmakers want the new tolls put on the bridges to equal the cost of a subway ride.

Sources tell CBS 2 HD that the latest compromise to find cash for the MTA is to limit the cost of tolls. Instead of the $5 currently charged at the MTA’s other bridges and tunnels, lawmakers are eyeing a proposal to have the new fee charged on the Brooklyn, Manhattan, Williamsburg and 59th Street bridges equal whatever straphangers pay — currently $2 a ride.

“No, I still don’t think they should do it. It’s ridiculous,” said Vince Zollo of Huntington.

“I hope that they don’t put the tolls on the bridge,” added Kevin Brown of Baldwin. “I have to come across these bridges all the time.”

“I’m not in favor of it because, typically, whenever something goes for the government like that it becomes bigger and bigger and bigger,” said Dominick Regina of SoHo.

“We’re just trying to make ends meet and now they’re going to pass more taxes and more costs. That’s unfair,” added Michael Lee of Somerset, N.J.

The disclosure came as MTA officials traveled to Albany Tuesday to lobby the Legislature for money.

“Otherwise it’s going to be a lot more expensive and there are going to be some awful service cuts that we don’t want to make,” MTA Chairman Dale Hemmerdinger said.

The MTA has said if it doesn’t get money from Albany it will have to raise fares by 23 percent and enact Draconian service cuts. Assembly Speaker Sheldon Silver said something has to be done.

“The board’s actions are unacceptable,” Silver said. “The fare increases are unacceptable. The service cutbacks are unacceptable.”

Lawmakers hope they’ll have an MTA bailout plan worked out by the middle of March.

This comes as the MTA announced plans Tuesday to reduce weekend service on several train lines. Lines affected include: A, D, F, G, J, M, N, Q, and R lines. They’ll go from running every eight minutes to every 10 minutes.


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