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HOWTO: Playing NES games on your Smartphone

pocketnester.jpg(This is for Windows Mobile (WM) phones. I have tried it with WM6 and 6.1. I would assume that it runs for WM5 as well, though.)

Pocket Nester is an excellent NES emulator that runs nearly full speed with sound! You can map your phones keys to your preferred layout and even rotate the screen to landscape mode. Just make sure your NES Rom files (games) are stored in the same directory.

PocketNester Plus:

You’ll need this app, TgetFile, as well (this allows you to open files on your Storage Card from Pocket Nester):

Go here for a listing of all the ROMS (about 400 of them):

Now, I did have one issue – the .cab file with 393 ROM extracts them onto your phone as .zip files. You’ll need to copy them back over to your computer, unzip them (select all > extract to where you want), and then copy the .nes files back to your phone’s storage card.

Either way, it’s fun.

Install instructions (I didn’t write these, so they may or may not work – I got it to work by doing my own thing). After I installed PocketNester, I had to move it to my storage card from my phone (it didn’t install on my storage card for some reason).

1.) first make a folder on your Storage Card called “PocketNester”
2.) go to http://dashapps.googlepages.com/
3.) scroll down at the bottom were it says “GAMING”
4.) click PocketNester to Download
5.) click Tgetfile to Download (note: they both have to be in one folder. the folder you created called Pocketnester.)
6.) install tgetfile first. install it on storage card “always on storage card” ok
7.) install PocketNester Plus on storage card.
8.) on the Pocket Nester Folder make a new folder Called ROMS
9.) go to http://mobile.surrealnetworks.com/DashApps.htm scroll down to Pocketnester plus i believe its the 15th one.
10.) click under were it says NES Roms Files
11.) click on ALL ROMS download it to the ROMS folder or move it there
12.) install it on storage card.
13.) you should be set.

Now to play you…

  1. go to you start / file explorer /
  2. click menu
  3. press 8 for storage card
  4. go to your pocket nester folder
  5. click on the pocket nester emulator
  6. click file
  7. press 1 for open roms
  8. ok
  9. select you rom or game
  10. click file
  11. press 3 for resume


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  1. nl says:

    the link for the roms doesnt work any more. do you have another location i can check

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