| Tuesday May 24th 2016

Skrillex Has a Surprise for You

America’s favorite dance-music dynamo, Sonny “Skrillex” Moore, is always moving in fidgety fast-forward, whether musically or otherwise. And the DJ/producer, now preparing for early August gigs at Lollapalooza and HARD Summer 2011, gave us a look at the cryptic trailer for his new venture, tagged “Owsla,” also the name of a recent Skrillex tour with up-and-coming German producer Zedd and North Carolina electro-house prodigy Porter Robinson. The word itself refers to the military caste of rabbits in the legendarily intense 1970s children’s fantasy novel Watership Down, one of Skrillex’s favorites.

The Owsla trailer has an unnerving tinge, as a shirtless moptop (with a disturbingly professional make-up job) scowls and collects discarded stuffed animals in the woods, like a white-trash urchin in a Harmony Korine flick or a gopher for artist Mike Kelley (i.e., dude responsible for the art accompanying Sonic Youth’s Dirty). Glitchy beats ricochet, and when the kid pulls the stuffed animals out of his garbage bag, flinging them desultorily, one by one, at the camera, the moment perfectly captures youth rebellion’s tragic futility and the aimless path to random violence that awaits any latchkey brat not lucky enough to decode the transformative message emanating from the Owsla warren.

Or so we assume. Another, more revealing clip is apparently soon to follow.

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