| Friday May 27th 2016

Sunday’s “Simpsons” episode goes HD and has updated title sequence

“The Simpsons” is finally going HD—and, in what some fans might consider an even bigger development, getting a new opening title sequence as well.

The Simpsons in hdBoth events will take place Sunday, Fox said during a promo for “The Simpsons” that aired as part of Wednesday night’s “American Idol.” The network actually made a low-key announcement of the news late last month, casually mentioning the developments as part of its episodic listings of various shows.

According to Fox, Sunday’s “Simpsons”—entitled “Take My Life, Please”—will include the first full, permanent revamp of the show’s opening titles since its premiere in 1989. The last few seconds of the title sequence have long featured a different weekly “couch gag.” Fox also airs both a full-length and an abbreviated version of the credits.

While “The Simpsons” has never aired in high-def, Sunday’s episode won’t be the first time fans of the show have been able to see Homer and Co. in their full digital splendor on television. HBO aired “The Simpsons Movie” in HD last year.

While most live-action scripted network shows now air in HD, animation hasn’t been as quick to make the leap, although that’s starting to change. The producers of “South Park” recently announced their Comedy Central series would go HD starting with its 13th season, which bows March 11.


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  1. I love TV says:

    I’m 26 and still love the simpsons. It’s nice to see others posting about them as then I don’t feel so bad about wanting to watch them any time I can.

  2. Katie Rigatti says:

    Catherine – what would your solution be to the problem that people who can’t afford to have any children at all are having 4,5 and 6 children courtesy of those parents/taxpayers who decide they can only afford to have one or two children if they want to give them a good life?

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