| Saturday May 28th 2016

Daredevil LA tagger “Buket” of YouTube fame gets nearly 4 years in jail

Los Angeles tagger “Buket,” aka, Cyrus Yazdani, was today sentenced to 3 years and 8 months in California state prison. He gained online fame when he tagged a sign over an LA freeway in broad daylight, and vandalized a bus.

Yazdani became something of an Internet sensation when he plastered his “Buket” bomb 20 feet above the busy Hollywood Freeway — vandalism that was captured on videotape and posted with a rap soundtrack on YouTube and numerous tagger-related blogs.

Yazdani must also pay $117,196 in restitution fines…

Daredevil street artiste or reckless egomaniacal douchetard? Not sure. Either way, I feel badly for the guy. He’s going to do that kind of prison time, for a nonviolent crime? Seems harsh. Maybe part of the logic was that he could have caused accidents in the freeway incident, leading to injury or death. But you can actually kill someone, under some circumstances, and do less time. Hash it out in the comments.

More: Los Angeles Times (today),
LAist (from May, 2009).

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