| Monday May 30th 2016

Of all the unexplained phenomena that have taken place, the “bloop” has got to be the creepiest

For those not familiar with it, in 1997 some sensitive underwater recording equipment picked up a mysterious sound. Scientists studied the sound and determined that it fit the profile of a sound originating from a living creature. However, in order for a creature to have been able to make this sound like this that traveled as far as this sound did (two separate microphones approx 3,000 miles apart both picked it up), it would have to be huge. Far larger even than a Blue Whale, which is currently thought to be the largest creature that has ever lived on Earth.

The actual sound (quality isn’t great, as it was originally sped up 16x, and then slowed back down to it’s original speed). From around 0:46-0:56 is where the loudest part of the sound occurs…

Now, for all you H.P. Lovecraft fans out there, the extra creepy part here. The estimated location of the origin of this sound is around 50° S 100° W. In the works of H.P. Lovecraft, the location of the sunken corpse city of R’lyeh is 47°9?S 126°43?W. R’lyeh, of course, is the resting place of Cthulhu. I looked up those two points on Google maps, just to see where they were in relation to each other…

The sunken corpse city of R'lyeh vs The bloop

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