| Wednesday April 1st 2015


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Unknown Hot Tattoo Girl

Ever since women started getting tattoos there have been a debate over what are male tattoos and what are girl tattoos. Female tattoos are as varied and unique as the individuality of all tattooed girls. Some of the ladies like show off their pin up girl tattoos, sparrows, sacred hearts, angel wings, butterflies, hearts and cherry blossoms.

Unknown Tattoo Girl

That having been said it’s still true that more men than women get tattoos and it’s even true that there is a little element of social rebellion inherent in a woman’s decision to get a tattoo, although this is less and less the case, tattoos are more like a fashion item these days.

However, female ink is no longer shocking, and we no longer jump to conclusions about a woman’s moral character based on whether or not she has a few tattoos! She became very popular lately with her tattoo: “I Live for you Abdul, I die for you.” We found more pictures after the jump…

She became very popular lately with her tattoo: “I Live for you Abdul, I die for you”. We find more pictures for your pleasure…

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2 Responses to “Unknown Hot Tattoo Girl”

  1. maarten says:

    Gorgeous woman, great ink – confidence, beauty. Great pics.

  2. Frank says:

    Crazy, I saw this EXACT woman at a resort in Costa Rica about 2 years ago. Crazy to stumble upon this photo and your article.

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