| Friday May 27th 2016

Weather Channel: No more smooth jazz

The Weather Channel will no longer have a “smooth jazz” soundtrack behind its “Local On the 8s” segments. Instead, they will play rock. Weather Channel's Stephanie AbramsFortunately, you can still turn down the TV volume and crank your CD of “The Weather Channel Presents Smooth Jazz,” which actually hit #1 on the Billboard’s Current Contemporary Jazz Album Chart. From the Atlanta Journal-Constitution:

“I think we’ve been doing an injustice to our viewers playing, for the lack of a better word, elevator music on the segments for all these years,” said Geoffrey Darby, the cable network’s new executive vice president of programming, Thursday.The Weather Channel chicks

“People would have it on but they wouldn’t be watching and they wouldn’t be listening,” said Darby, who pushed for the change after joining the network in February. “We wanted music that would get their attention —- and this has.”


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