| Thursday May 26th 2016

Why I didn’t buy you a drink… The Etiquette of Intersexual Drink Buying.

Here’s a funny Craigslist “personals/missed connections” post

“Seriously, you’re not gonna buy me a drink? What’s your problem?”

Well sweetheart, let me explain to you in detail my logic regarding this decision that you found so unbelievable:
We established during our conversation that we are both broke-ass fine arts students. Why then would you expect that I, someone who shares your financial woes, would want to spend money on you, a girl I just met? I don’t believe that chivalry is dead. I’ll hold a door for you, I’ll pull out your chair or take your coat. I’ll help you change a flat tire, carry you over deep puddles, figure out the remote, reset your modem. I’ll even help you move when I know you a little better. Why? Because I’m a gentleman. I will not, however, buy you a drink under the pretense that it is what a gentleman does, because I simply cannot afford it. If you want a guy who can afford to buy you whatever you want, find a fifty year-old sugar daddy. There was no shortage of potentials at the bar the other night.

The correct response to “are you going to buy me a drink?” is “are we on a date?” said with a smile. She’ll be a little flabbergasted and won’t have much to say unless she’s quick. Then say, don’t ask, but say, “give me your number so I can take you out for a drink.”

Buying women drinks made sense in the Don Draper era, when women couldn’t work or get outside the secretarial pool. Now it’s just a sucker’s game.


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