| Wednesday May 25th 2016

Woman says doctor gave her wrong breast implants

Mason Moore

An Ohio woman has sued a Beaver County plastic surgeon who allegedly used the wrong kind of implants during breast augmentation surgery.

Pheonix MarieThe federal lawsuit was filed by Brittany Daly, of Steubenville, Ohio, against Dr. Beverly Carl of Bridgewater.

Ms. Daly says she decided on silicon breast implants on the advice of Dr. Carl because she was told they were more durable and less likely to ripple or deflate than saline implants. But Ms. Daly says Dr. Carl’s office obtained the wrong type of implants and instead used saline implants during the April 2008 surgery.

Ms. Daly claims the doctor told Ms. Daly’s fiance about the mistake — while Ms. Daly was still anesthetized — and he told her to go ahead with the saline implants.


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  1. Blair Ausby says:

    this is a little off topic but did anyone see about the new show ‘Bridalplasty’ I think everyone is getting down on this subject and really should take some soul searching into what the underlining issue is about, that people want to change their lives and just want to be accepted.

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