| Thursday April 17th 2014


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Ann Coulter’s Site Hacked


“I’ve been participating in a charade for nearly eleven years, now. You have all been a part of a sick joke that I began considering shortly after first getting on the air.”

BODIES…The Exhibition


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Infrared Camera

at the Carnegie Science Center

Wiener World

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Automating backups with tar

I suggest that you set this script up and run it at the beginning of the month for the first time, and then run it for a month before making major changes. In the example below I do the backup to a directory on the local server BACKUPDIR, but you could modify this script to do it to a tape on the local server or via an NFS mounted file system.

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End of summer jet skiing

summer is just about over. *sigh* couple of videos and photos after the jump.

Photo courtesy of JennThomas.com

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Exploits of a Mom

xkcd: Exploits of a mom

This quite possibly the best xkcd comics I’ve ever read. I’ve always wanted to name a kid with a MySQL code injection attack, or “+++ATH” or “^d^d^c^c^g^g^g^g”. Anything to mess with database nation.

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