| Tuesday May 31st 2016

A map of undersea cables… from 1901

Not bad for an era that was just getting used to the idea of a horseless carriage

1901 Eastern Telegraph Map

The high quality copper core/lead jacketed underwater cables from this era contain trace amounts of gold due to the smelting processes of the time. It’s still in there. Each foot of that old telegraph/telecom electrical cable is worth several dollars in salvage value, and there’s a LOT of feet of it down there! According to this article, the value of the copper is $71 per foot of cable, and the value of the lead jacket is $21 per foot. That’s about $90 per foot of recovered cable. Literally billions of dollars just sitting on the sea floor, waiting for someone to figure out a clever way to bring it back up. Sounds like the basis of a really bad National Treasure sequel maybe?

They can mask the obvious crappy plot by playing epic soundtracks even while people are talking and pandering to patriotic Americans with references to US history every 3 seconds.

[Nicolas Cage looks at a piece of shielded wire with a dopey look on his face]

Nicolas Cage: blah blah blah Benjamin Franklin blah blah Paul Revere blah blah blah France

[Music builds to a crescendo, Nic removes the shielding and instantly solves the mystery]


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