| Sunday May 29th 2016

Warning: In Case of Terrorist attack, do not discard brain

Warning: In Case of Terrorist attack, do not discard bra

Today’s Wellington Grey comic says it all: “Warning: In Case of Terrorist attack, do not discard brain.” He’s selling posters. We need to put these up everywhere. I’ve just had a British Airways purser threaten to arrest me, my wife and baby because my wife endangered the plane by saying “bullshit” when confronted with a “safety measure,” while complying with the measure…

With Barack Obama so far ahead in the polls some people are getting worried that this election cycle’s October surprise will be a terrorist attack.  There was, after all, the 2004 Madrid train bombings and Osama Bin Laden did personally intervene in the last US presidential election.

So this week’s comic is a friendly reminder: keep your brain running at all times.  When you switch it off bad things happen.

Today’s comic is also available as a printable PDF.  If you’re interested in something more high-res, there are posters for sale at the Miscellanea store.

P.S. for anyone who’s curious, the symbol below the ionizing radiation symbol and above the biohazard in the spiffy new chemical hazard symbol developed by the US army.


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