| Monday May 30th 2016

“The Hurt Locker” producers about to sue an army of pirates

The Hurt Locker

Voltage Pictures, the production company behind The Hurt Locker, is gearing up to sue thousands—no, tens of thousands—of individuals who pirated the film online. Get ready for a huge escalation in the war on P2P.

The suit could hit as early as tomorrow, according to The Hollywood Reporter, as Voltage teams up with the US Copyright Group to target those who downloaded the Oscar-winning film without paying. And they’ve got the ISPs (mostly) on their side:

“After filing the lawsuits, the plaintiffs must subpoena ISP records in an effort to match IP addresses with illicit behavior on BitTorrent. According to lawyers at Dunlap’s firm, 75 percent of ISPs have cooperated fully. Those that have resisted are mostly doing so, they say, because of the amount of work involved in handing over thousands of names.”


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  1. R says:

    Oh I’m sorry – was a profit of 27 Million dollars not enough during the middle of a recession where people were losing their homes all over?


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