| Sunday March 29th 2015


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The most pirated movie of 2009 makes heaps of money

Here’s the financial breakdown, courtesy of The Numbers.com, which gathers financial data for movie industry analysts:Star Trek movie

  • Production costs: $140m
  • Promotion costs: ~$100m
  • Global box office revenues: $385m
  • U.S. TV syndication rights: $30m
  • DVD & Bluray revenues (anticipated, based on sales and rentals since Nov. 2009): >$100m

Based on these figures, film industry analyst Bruce Nash at The Numbers predicts a net profit to Paramount of more than $100m on the movie. Not bad for the “most pirated movie of 2009,” which was camcorded and widely released on the Internet within days of theatrical release.

Comparing the theft of non-physical products to physical ones is a total non-sequitur. Just because an analogy with a physical product doesn’t quite hold up doesn’t mean it’s not theft. If you take something which costs money, and you don’t pay, then that’s theft. Doesn’t matter if it’s a physical product, an experience or digital data.


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