| Saturday May 28th 2016

Seattle cops forget semi-automatic rifle sitting on patrol car’s trunk

free gun

A Seattle resident named Nick snapped the photo above in late June, passing it on to The Stranger, a weekly newspaper. It shows an empty police patrol car with an unattended semi-automatic rifle sitting on the trunk. A SPD spokesperson professes to being “very embarrassed” on behalf of the force.

“The department is very embarrassed that this happened,” says Seattle Police Department Sergeant Sean Whitcomb. “We’re incredibly grateful to the person that flagged down the bike officers and the woman who followed the patrol car driver around to let them know there was a rifle on the back of the car.”But were SPD officers driving around with an AR-15 rifle on the back of their squad car???? “I’m not going to comment,” says Whitcomb, adding that the West Precinct has launched “an investigation into the circumstances that allowed this to happen.”


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