| Monday May 30th 2016

Massachusetts: Cops Need Warrant To Stick GPS Device On Your Car

For the past few years, it’s become increasingly common for police to put GPS devices on suspects’ cars to track where they are. But, that’s kicked up a bunch of legal questions concerning whether or not it’s legal to do that without a warrant. GPS JammerSo far, the courts have not really agreed. Earlier this year, we saw one court (a federal appeals court, 4th circuit) say that police didn’t need a warrant, but then, just days later, a court in NY ruled the other way, saying that it was a violation of the 4th Amendment. Now, the state Supreme Court in Massachusetts has weighed in as well, again saying that a warrant is needed to put a GPS device on your car. So that makes NY and Massachusetts as states where police can’t randomly stick GPS devices on your car. The other 48 states? Good luck…


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