| Sunday March 29th 2015


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MTA Employee Charged with “Unlawful Photography”

Many a straphanger has taken heat for pulling out their point and shoot cameras in the subway system, but now an off-duty MTA worker has been arrested by the NYPD’s transit cops for photographing the underground.NYPD Subway Police Carlos Miller reports on the charges made against 30-year-old Robert Taylor, who has been with the MTA for three years and actually cited section 1050.9 (c) of the Rules of Conduct to the arresting officers, which state that photography is allowed under certain conditions, all of which he met.

Still, he was handcuffed and locked in a holding cell for photographing an incoming train at the Freeman Street station in the Bronx. He posted his story on SubChat, where he wrote that an officer “yelled to me just as I was getting on the train to leave….he asked for ID, I showed him and he proceeds to tell me I’m not supposed to be taking pics…I told him that’s not true…on the Transit Authority’s rules of conduct it says we are, the sergeant tells me their rules and TA’s rules are different….I told him, if you feel I’m in the wrong, give me a summons and I’ll see everyone in court.”

Turns out he was charged with three things: unauthorized photography, unreasonable voice/disorderly conduct and impeding traffic. We contacted the NYPD to get their rules for photographing in the subway system, but have yet to hear back.


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One Response to “MTA Employee Charged with “Unlawful Photography””

  1. Chris O'Connor says:

    I love how they’re following through only with the unreasonable voice and impeding traffic. If they weren’t hassling him in the first place, those wouldn’t be an issue anyways.

    I hope the NYPD takes it up the ass for this and backs off in the future.


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