| Tuesday May 24th 2016

An overview of the NSA’s domestic spying program

Informative post over at Ars Technica about the “carnivore” program…

nsa_spy.jpgIn Wednesday’s Wall Street Journal, Siobhan Gorman pulled together the disparate threads of reporting on what’s known of the NSA’s secret domestic spy program, and combined them with some of her own reporting to confirm, once again, that the NSA’s program is another incarnation of the Pentagon’s erstwhile Total Information Awareness program. Gorman also describes how Carnivore, the SWIFT database snooping program, and basically every other “Big Brother” database and data snooping program that the executive branch has developed over the past two administrations* feed information into the NSA’s TIA-like system, which then looks for suspicious patterns in the data.

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    Great info. thanks for posting.

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