| Tuesday May 31st 2016

Let’s Take America Back

Great video. This made my day.

A call to action to all American Patriots. We must protect our constitution. Ron Paul is our Champion.

Here are the lyrics:

Oh my gosh America, Look at Ron Paul, this is so big.
He looks like one of those founding father’s friends
They only lie about him because he’s winning so many people over
They just keep telling Lies about him, LOOK, it’s gross
Let’s take America BACK

I like Ron Paul, and I can not lie
other candidates can’t deny
that When Ron Paul walks into a republican debate
and throws the constitution in yo’ face
we get inspired, make home made flyers
He’s sparked a political fire.
Deep are the truth’s he sharin
I’m hooked and there’s no back steppin
Oh-ba-ma I woulda got witcha,
but pro war’s a label that fits ya
I can not vote Mitt Romney
because he cheats in Polls, he’s such a phony
ohh Mrs. Clinton you say you want wars to end
well you, see, confuse me, cause you vote for em
They say we got no chance man
if you think thats a load of crap man
I’m tired of magazines
that don’t really report a thing
take the average american and ask him Jack
Does America got your back
say ladies, Ladies. Does Ron Paul impress the Ladies
Then turn around and point it out
Make the whole damn country shout
Let’s take America BACK

They like the government big
and the elections rigged
They just can’t help themselves
they think that we are animals
that won’t resist a scandal
But i’m in my home
gettin UH fired up UH UH
I ain’t the only one either son
that sees that our rights are almost gone
We need to read the constitution
and realize were in trouble,
before we burst the bubble,
and our whole economy crumbles.
So I’m watchin YouTube Videos
National Id Card is at your door
ever heard of the Amero
We’ve forgoten what our country stands for
A word to the thick headed spinsters
I wanna get witchya,
I won’t cuss or hitchya
but I gotta be straight when I say
I wanna BOOOO till the break of dawn
O’Reilly is such a pawn
cant you see what’s going on
These punks take the truth and spin it
Deceiving the USA
And it’s wrong, come on
it’s been going on for way to long
Hey Fellas, Fellas
Are you startin to feel rebelious
Let’s take this, take this
Freedom thing all the way
Let’s take America BACK

Yeah America, when it comes to this Years Election
Front runners aint got nothin to do with the right selection
This is just like 1776 ha ha
Ron Paul for president in 08

So the media is fighting harder
cause our fund raising goes much farther
But the Others couldnt do it even if they want to
We’re gonna get the job done because
we got funds son
We got a Blimp flyin up the East Coast
And the world record has just broke
They Media just plays the Hard Role
and say that we wont meet our goals
So They Breed a lie, and then feed it
and hope we’re dumb enough to believe it.
so Oprah supports Barack,
I aint down with that
cause Martin Luther King wouldn’t support one thing
that is going down in Iraq
Giuliani in drag, how embarrassing
you it ain’t miss thing
we need a real man a politician
Freedom fighter and an obstratrician.
Some knuckleheads try to diss,
cause Ron Paul is on my list
They had a chance but they chose to bash him
We said fine we’ll just give him cash then
to the tune of 6 mil in a single day
just get your butt up out our way
or go to Ron Paul 2008.com
and defend your country today

Let’s take America Back

They fear the constitution we must take it back
They fear the constitution we must take it back
They fear the constitution we must take it back
They fear the constitution we must take it back

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