| Thursday May 26th 2016

Why We Should Still Vote for Ron Paul Even if He Isn’t Expected to Win


This might seem as common sense to many, but I have had a few conversations over the course of the past few weeks with friends of mine regarding Ron Paul, and this issue has come up a lot. Many people tell me that they love Ron Paul and want him to be our president, but shortly thereafter explain that it would be a wasted vote because he certainly will not win. All of the people who have told me this have got me thinking about the issue. If everyone who wants Ron Paul to become president decides that their vote might be better spent somewhere else, that might very well end up being the momentous he needs to win the election, and the reason he might lose!

So if you have thought about using your precious vote elsewhere, don’t! We all must unite, hold our ground, and vote for who we think is best no matter what. If Ron Paul follows through with his commitments, he will redeem this nation, bring it out of debt, and make me proud to be an American. Think about it this way, if you don’t vote for Paul, then when Giuliani takes over and starts WWIII you won’t have any excuse to bitch and moan.

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