| Tuesday May 24th 2016

The US Air Force’s rules of engagement… for blogging

US Air Force web posting response assessment

Above is the United States Air Force’s blog assessment chart, developed by its Emerging Technologies Division.

The “rules of engagement” are quite good. You might find them to be useful for your own blogs, whether personal or corporate.

WebInkNow recently covered the Air Force’s approach to social media, which is far more involved than many companies who only pay lip service to the idea. They’ve assigned someone the role of “Chief of Emerging Technology”, whose job is to develop strategy, policy and plans for the Air Force’s “communicators” and whose mission is to use or build web applications as a means of engaging Airmen and the general public in conversation. The goal is to make every single Airman a communicator.

The Air Force has quite a presence on the web, which includes:

PDF version of the chart here.

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