| Tuesday May 24th 2016

Amazon fights demand for customer records

Massachusetts has also tried a ‘smart’ sales tax plan. Massachusetts tried to have New Hampshire record any sales by Massachusetts residents and report them to the Mass Dept of Revenue. New Hampshire refused.

amazon.comThis was the straw that broke the camels back with me and Mass. They will find anyway they can to pilfer money out of their residents even by forcing other states that don’t have sales tax to report on residents making purchases there.

North Carolina’s aggressive push for customer records comes as other states are experimenting with new ways to collect taxes from online retailers. California may require retailers to report the total dollar value of purchases made by each state resident, as CNET reported last month, and Colorado already has enacted such a law. A decision is expected at any time in a related case that Amazon filed against New York state.

Last year, Amazon discontinued its affiliate program in North Carolina, which provides referrers with a small slice of the transaction, after the state legislature enacted a new law that would have used that program to force the company to collect sales taxes.

A North Carolina legislator said at the time that the state would be able to force online retailers to collect even retroactive taxes; tax officials have reportedly sent letters to online retailers in the last few months saying they’re required to pay retroactive sales taxes. Stevenson, the spokeswoman for the state tax agency, said that her office would provide a more detailed response by Friday.


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